9 Reasons Why Some Homes Sell Faster

With the new year upon us, 2018 offers many opportunities and possibilities. Along with the new year brings in Peak Season here in SW Florida (our busy time). Yesterday proved this with a staggering 656 listings going ‘expired’ within the last 24 hours! Why did the listing expire? What went wrong? Why didn’t it sell?

With all these questions brought on when a listing expires, I get asked, “What can WE do to insure that OUR listing doesn’t get expired, but SELLS?!” The following PDF below offers those answers, or SOLUTIONS really, to selling a house faster.

9 Reasons Why Some Homes Sell Faster PDF

A LITTLE SECRET:  The key to getting top dollar is finding the buyer who wants your home bad enough that they are willing to pay full price. The question is, how do you find the perfect buyer? First, you need to understand a universal rule, and the role it plays in bringing in those ideal buyers…

BONUS TIP:  Don’t forget to utilize the 80/20 rule for home selling…The 80/20 rule applies in all aspects of life – 80% of your income derives from 20% of your work. Basically,

The 20% is vital and the 80% is trivial

How can the 80/20 Principle apply to selling your home? Understanding this concept can save you time in selling your home. When selling your home, focus on the 20% unique features to grab the attention of buyers and set you apart from the rest. These features makes your home different from others. These features will make it easier to sell your home for the full asking price.

Curious in how to maximize the 20% in order to help your home sell faster? Feel free to reach out to me for a free consultation.


* Courtesy of Florida Realtors Magazine.

7 Common Home-Selling Mistakes

Selling your home can feel like walking around with your underpants showing. You’re exposed to the world with how you decorate, how you live, letting strangers walk through every room in the house on any given weekend, and showing how much you feel your house is worth. But you don’t have to go it alone or make it hard on yourself. Review the following 7 Common Home-Selling Mistakes PDF to prepare yourself for the journey. You’ll be ahead of the game by knowing what to avoid!

7 Common Home-Selling Mistakes PDF

And if you’re thinking of selling now or in the future please contact me today to let me have the honor of showcasing your home. I can also prepare a complimentary comparative market analysis of your home to gauge asking price and start the process.

You enjoy the sunsets, let me take care of the details!


* PDF courtesy of Florida Realtors Magazine.