12 Tips for Your Final Walk-Through

Lets face it, buying a house is a long, detailed process that can leave you wondering when you can FINALLY move into your dream home. Before walking into the closing meeting, the final step is your walk-through of the house. This is an important step, however, not to be overlooked or rushed.

Most importantly, be sure to take and give yourself time to do a thorough walk-through. Don’t let the sellers or selling agent make you feel pressured to hurry through this important FINAL inspection of the property. This is your last chance to make sure what was agreed upon has been fulfilled and the house is in the condition expected before moving into it.

Believe me, I’ve seen it all. I’ve come into a final walk-through to see ceiling fans mysteriously missing that were never discussed; and even dripping ceilings due to a quick repair that wasn’t completed as promised (with a licensed contractor). So unless you’re willing to settle and do the “fixes” or “replacements” yourself, don’t rush in order to insure the contract has been held to as agreed upon.

The following infographic is a quick aid in what all to look over:

12 Tips for Your Final Walk-Through Infographic PDF

In order to make sure you’re covering everything, it may also be a good idea to print and bring the following checklist with you along with a copy of the contract:

Final Walk-Through Checklist


* Courtesy of Florida Realtors and Closing Corp.

Author: Ivy Cowgill, VIP Realty Group, Inc.

"You enjoy the sunsets, let me take care of the details..." Ivy Cowgill is a licensed Florida Realtor® who is passionate about helping you achieve the SW Florida lifestyle of your dreams. Ivy grew up in the Des Moines, Iowa area and is a graduate of Iowa State University and Jones International University; spending the first half of her professional career as a corporate woman focused on providing exceptional customer service in the training arena. Ivy is also a certified Interior Designer, home staging expert, has been in the property management business for 19+ years, and a member of the National Association of Professional Women, The National Association of Realtors, and the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association. After spending approximately a year looking for her own forever home in SW Florida and meeting challenge after challenge, Ivy decided to reinvent herself and become a Realtor® in order to help her clients experience a seamless process with exceptional customer service wrapped in an informative style. “Let me devote myself to the details so that you don’t have to in your pursuit of living your dream in sunny paradise!”

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