Why Hire a Realtor®?

Are you considering buying or selling your house on your own? There might be more to it then you think. Hire a Realtor® to make it easier on you.

Thinking about buying or selling your home on your own? The option may seem appealing to save yourself commission rates, but are you considering EVERYTHING that goes into the process? As the infographic below shows, it’s more than just spending hours touring homes or holding open houses.

29 Ways It Pays to Work with a Realtor

Let a licensed real estate agent, and better yet, a realtor® take the extra steps to save you time and worry throughout the lengthy process to buy or sell a home. A realtor® is held to a higher level of excellence to not only provide fair and ethical customer service to meet your real estate needs; a really good one will go the extra mile to educate you throughout every step with your best interests in mind.

Even as this brief video shows below, there are details like setting up title or completing a survey that can easy overwhelm a seller/buyer beyond the basics of staging a home to sell quickly. A good realtor® also has access to additional resources that provides a house to be seen by several hundreds and possibly thousands of people than the typical unlicensed person has access to.

“Sticky Notes” Hire a Realtor

Let me take the worry out of buying or selling your home so you can enjoy the process of moving onto an exciting new phase of your home ownership lifestyle. You won’t be disappointed!


* Infographic and video courtesy of Florida Realtors Magazine.

Author: Ivy Cowgill, VIP Realty Group, Inc.

"You enjoy the sunsets, let me take care of the details..." Ivy Cowgill is a licensed Florida Realtor® who is passionate about helping you achieve the SW Florida lifestyle of your dreams. Ivy grew up in the Des Moines, Iowa area and is a graduate of Iowa State University and Jones International University; spending the first half of her professional career as a corporate woman focused on providing exceptional customer service in the training arena. Ivy is also a certified Interior Designer, home staging expert, has been in the property management business for 19+ years, and a member of the National Association of Professional Women, The National Association of Realtors, and the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association. After spending approximately a year looking for her own forever home in SW Florida and meeting challenge after challenge, Ivy decided to reinvent herself and become a Realtor® in order to help her clients experience a seamless process with exceptional customer service wrapped in an informative style. “Let me devote myself to the details so that you don’t have to in your pursuit of living your dream in sunny paradise!”

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